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JF02 SUV High-end SUV

Pure electric SUV sports car

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A pure electric SUV leading the industry, with various indicators ahead, 500 kilometers of endurance, 100 meters of acceleration within 3.5 seconds, absolutely sporty.

The three-in-one electric drive system integrates a motor, variable-speed gear and motor controller. The product covers 100kW to 400kW and has good power ductility. With regard to the electronic control system, the vehicle model has independently developed software and hardware solutions that are commonly used in different vehicle models. In the future, it will also implement over-the-air upgrades of the electric drive system software. The vehicle's battery technology line covers both square and cylindrical high-energy-density cells. Advanced liquid cooling technology can ensure that the battery has the advantages of high safety, high energy density and low cost.

Range extended vehicles are available.

If it is in the extended range mode, at the technical level of the intelligent extended range electric drive, the vehicle based on pure electric range extension can provide six intelligent working states to cope with different working conditions. Can't far away. In addition, the intelligent range-extending electric drive technology of the vehicle model keeps the range extender in an efficient operating range through precise control logic and comprehensive matching and tuning, which can achieve the best balance of vehicle power, comprehensive energy consumption and NVH. In terms of power, it can plan the optimal power transmission path according to different driving conditions of the vehicle, so that the engine is always in the most reasonable speed range. The surging power can respond instantly in any scene, allowing users to always enjoy the power comparable to pure electric vehicles. High performance; in terms of energy consumption, the model uses high-efficiency, extended-range power generation direct drive, which reduces the energy loss caused by excessive chain length and improves the energy conversion rate. The maximum efficiency of its permanent magnet generator can reach 98%, far ahead of the industry. At the same level, it can reach longer driving distances. In NVH, the model uses a large displacement engine, a high power drive motor and a large capacity battery pack at the same time. Scene simulation and calculation optimization, with more reasonable logic, to ensure the excellent performance of NVH, so that users have a quiet and comfortable driving experience.