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M-NV Honda's electric SUV

Pure electric SUV

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俊风高端电动车资料(DF-本田系列) Junfeng high-end electric vehicle information (DF-Honda series)      210428
车型名称 Model name 尚骋版 Shangcheng Version for Convenience 尚逸版 Shangyi Version for Comfortable
整车参数 Vehicle parameters

长(mm)x宽(mm)x高(mm) Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4324x1785x1637
轴距(mm) Wheelbase (mm) 2610
前/后轮距(mm) Front/rear track (mm) 1535/1540
轮胎规格 Tire specifications  215/55R18 99V
最小转弯半径(m) Minimum turning radius (m) 5.6
整备质量(kg) Curb quality (kg) 1575 1610
动力系统 Power system

电机型号 Motor model T2220X5BT2
电机类型 Motor type 永磁同步电机 Permanent magnet synchronous motor
电池类型 Battery type 三元锂离子电池 Ternary lithium ion battery
驱动形式 Drive form 前轮驱动 Front wheel drive
变速器 Transmission 单档定比减速器(中央减速器) Single gear fixed ratio reducer (central reducer)
电机最大功率(kW) Maximum motor power (kW) Power consumption per hundred kilometers under working conditions (KW: h/100km) 120
电机最大扭矩(N. m) Maximum torque of motor (N. m) Power consumption per hundred kilometers under working conditions (KW: h/100km) 280
工况条件下百公里耗电量(KW: h/100km) Power consumption per hundred kilometers under working conditions (KW: h/100km) 13.7
储能装置总储电量(kWh) Total storage power of energy storage device (kWh) 61.3
交流慢充时间(7KW)(SOC:596-100%6) AC slow charging time (7KW) (SOC: 596-100%6) ≤10h
直流快充时间(60kW)(SOC:30%6-80%6) DC fast charge time (60kW) (SOC: 30%6-80%6) ≤30min
最高车速(km/h) Maximum speed (km/h) 140
0-50km/h加速时间(S) 0-50km/h acceleration time (S) 4
综合工况续航里程(km) Comprehensive working conditions cruising range (km) 480
60km/h等速续航里程(km) 60km/h constant speed cruising range (km) 635
系统结构 System structure

变速箱系统 Transmission system 单档变速 Single gear shift
悬架系统(前) Suspension system (front) 麦弗逊式独立悬挂 MacPherson independent suspension
悬架系统(后) Suspension system (rear) 扭力梁式非独立悬挂 Torsion beam non-independent suspension
制动系统(前/后) Braking system (front/rear) 通风盘式/盘式 Ventilated pan type/pan type
制动回路 Brake circuit 交叉式双回路 Cross double loop
EPB电子驻车制动系统 EPB electronic parking brake system
ABH自动驻车系统 ABH automatic parking system
EPS电子助力转向系统 EPS electronic power steering system
外观 Exterior

自动大灯 Automatic headlights
贯穿式LED前大灯 Through LED headlights
LED日间行车灯 LED daytime running lights
LED流动转向灯 LED mobile turn signal
前大灯自动延时熄灭(锁车后) The headlights are automatically turned off with a delay (after the car is locked)
LED前雾灯 LED front fog light
大灯高度调节(手动) Headlight height adjustment (manual)
后扰流板 Rear spoiler
LED高位刹车灯 LED high-position brake light
悬浮贯穿式组合尾灯 Suspension type combined taillight
外后视镜带转向灯 Outside rearview mirror with turn signal
外后视镜带加热功能 Outside mirror with heating function -
外后视镜电动折叠 External rearview mirror electric folding -
可开启式全景天窗 Openable panoramic sunroof
四门电动车窗 Four-door electric windows
驾驶席车窗一健式升降 Driver's seat window one-touch lift
后排隐私玻璃 Rear privacy glass -
鲨鱼鳍天线 Shark fin antenna
车顶行李架 Roof rack -
内饰&舒适 Interior & comfort

SBW按健式电子换挡 SBW push-button electronic shift
真皮多功能方向盘 Leather multifunctional steering wheel
其他 Others

轮毂 Wheel hub 18英寸双色铝合金轮毂 18-inch two-tone aluminum alloy wheels 18英寸金属铂金灰轮毂 18-inch metal platinum gray wheels
座椅材质 Seat material 曜石紫高质感皮质座椅 Obsidian Purple High Texture Leather Seat
颜色Color 月光蓝、银黛灰、晶耀白、赤霞红、雅韵金 blue/gray/white/red/golden
配置 Configuration
12.3英寸TFI组合仪表 12.3 inch TFI combination meter
防眩目内后视镜 Anti-glare inner rearview mirror
前排遮阳板(带化妆镜/照明灯) Front sun visor (with makeup mirror/lights)
定速巡航 Cruise with controlled speed
前排中央扶手 Front center armrest
后排座椅三安全头枕(高度可调) Three safety head restraints for rear seats (height adjustable)
后排座椅中央扶手 Rear seat center armrest
无钥匙进入系统 Keyless entry system
一键启动 One-button start
自动空调 Automatic A/C
车内阅读灯 Reading lights inside ●(卤素halogen) ●(LED)
后备箱照明灯 Trunk light
手机无线充电功能 Mobile phone wireless charging function
后挡风玻璃除霜功能 Rear windshield defrost function
车内空气过滤器(粉尘、花粉过滤) In-car air filter (dust, pollen filter)
座椅 Seat

座椅材质 Seat material 皮质Cortex
驾驶席座椅6向手动调节 Driver's seat 6-way manual adjustment
副驾驶席座椅4向手动调节 4-way manual adjustment of the front passenger seat
主副驾驶席座椅靠背置物袋 Backrest pockets for the main and co-pilot seats
后排座椅比例放倒 The rear seat ratio is down
安全&防盗 Security & anti-theft

ACE承载式车身结构 ACE load-bearing body structure
车门内置防侧撞保护杆 Built-in anti-collision protection bar in the door
前/后防撞梁 Front/rear anti-collision beam
主/副驾驶席安全气囊 Main/passenger seat airbag
前后排贯穿式侧安全气帘 Front and rear through-type side safety air curtains
前排座椅三点式安全带 Three-point seat belts for front seats
前排安全带未系提醒功能 The front seat belt is not fastened reminder function
后排座椅三点式安全带 Three-point seat belts for rear seats
VSA车辆稳定性辅助系统 VSA Vehicle Stability Assist System
TPMS胎压报管系统 TPMS Tire Pressure Reporting System
ABS防抱死制动系统 ABS Anti-lock Braking System
EBD电子制动力分配系统 EBD Electronic Braking Distribution
TCS牵引力控制系统 TCS Traction Control System
BA制动辅助系统 BA Brake Assist
HSA坡道辅助系统 HSA Ramp Assist System
泊车雷达 Parking radar
后视提像显示系统(广角/标准/俯视三种模式) Rear view video display system ( wide angle / standard / top view three modes)
儿童安全门锁 Children safety door lock
ISO FX儿童安全座椅固定装置 ISO FX child safety seat fixture
中央控制门锁 Central control door lock
防盗报警系统 Anti-theft alarm system
非全尺寸备胎 Non-full-size spare tire
智能及影音娱乐系统 Smart and audio-visual entertainment system

智能语音交互系统 Intelligent voice interaction system
实时路况导航 Real-time road navigation
百度Carlife Baidu Carlife
8英寸DA智能屏互联系统 8-inch DA smart screen interconnection system
SVC音量随车速调节 SVC volume is adjusted with vehicle speed
12V电源接口(前排、后排、后备箱) 12V power interface (front row, rear row, trunk)
蓝牙通讯系统 Bluetooth communication system
音响系统 Sound system 6扬声器  6 speakers
前排双USB接口 Dual USB ports in the front row
车载APP应用 Car APP application

other 其他 零件和组件在生产中会不断更新。 以上参数仅供参考,主要以实际车辆为准。 核心参数和配置保持不变。The parts and components are constantly updated in production. The above parameters are only for reference and are mainly based on actual vehicles. The core parameters and configuration remain unchanged.
Vehicle design Dongfeng Motor Company
OEM customization  Wuhan Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
国外销售价  Foreign sales price 172600元 182600万元

Many people may know X-NV, but they are not familiar with M-NV.

M-NV is based on X-NV. Both cars are small pure electric vehicles, but their positioning and user groups are differentiated. X-NV positions high-quality electric SUVs, and M-NV positions high-quality pure electric vehicles.

In appearance, Dongfeng Junfeng’s M-NV breaks away from the existing design style of Dongfeng Honda, adopting a brand-new family-style design language, and the overall vehicle shape is more avant-garde, in line with the concise design of electric vehicles, and slender and sharp full-LED headlights. Present the sense of science and technology that electric vehicles should have. It is worth mentioning that the car logo uses Honda's Siming LOGO, which may seem difficult to connect with Honda at first glance.

In terms of internal space, M-NV adheres to Honda’s original MM concept. After installing the battery pack, it still maximizes the seating space; the rear seats can be folded down in a 4/6 ratio, and the M-NV is in the seating space and In terms of storage space, it is far ahead of competing products of the same level.

Power and endurance are the key to this upgrade. M-NV is equipped with the same permanent magnet synchronous drive motor as X-NV, with a maximum power of 120kW (163Ps) and a peak torque of 280Nm.

The battery pack comes from the ternary lithium battery of the Ningde era, with a capacity of 61.3kWh and an energy density of 170Wh/kg. It is the mainstream level of pure electric vehicles at present. The battery life is up to 480km. Traditional car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda generally don’t need too much. Worried about the problem of power failure.

In terms of charging, M-NV supports AC slow charging and DC fast charging. With fast charging, it takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80%. In slow charging, it takes at least 9 hours to fully charge the battery.

On M-NV, a blueprint of "establishing a new benchmark in the joint-venture electric market" has been constructed, hoping to leverage product optimization and upgrades to obtain more market resources. M-NV's futuristic avant-garde design, intelligent configuration beyond the same level, and a comprehensive cruising range of up to 480 kilometers will all empower the product. Moreover, M-NV has a joint venture in the field of pure electric vehicles in the 180,000 (RMB) level, and there is not much competition. This is an objective advantage.

What does the arrival of M-NV mean for Dongfeng

In September 2019, the hybrid family consisting of CR-V, INSPIRE, and Alison was completed. It became the first hybrid family in the industry to cover the entire vehicle series of “SUV+Sedan+MPV”. This year, Xiangyurui Hybrid, CR -The addition of V Rui Hybrid makes Dongfeng Honda one of the few companies in the industry that simultaneously covers the four power systems of "fuel, pure electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid".

What kind of mission does a car come with? Most of them are to supplement the brand's market gap in a certain field. One screw and one nail ensure that the system works well. The mission after M-NV enters the market will help Dongfeng Honda improve. The product matrix of the pure electric family. This is the meaning of M-NV for the entire brand.

The development of new energy vehicles is due to industry trends. With policy incentives, there is still a lot of room for growth in the new energy vehicle market. This is an opportunity for M-NV as well as an opportunity for Dongfeng. The arrival of M-NV is the icing on the cake for Dongfeng's overall sales increase.

In the future, Dongfeng will focus on users, continue to strengthen dialogue with users, and present users with a more warm Dongfeng Honda through a series of colorful and immersive marketing activities. Experience can bring more profound fun and meaning than material consumption, so we said that we should spend money to experience and spend less to buy material.

Zhixing has something to say

Dongfeng Honda launched a 180,000-class joint-venture pure electric SUV, reminding Zhixingjun that for a long time, when mainstream car companies had not developed and launched small SUVs, consumers would either spend a high price to buy a 200,000-class joint-venture SUV, or, Bending to the price to choose an independent SUV, price and quality are difficult to compromise.

This situation also occurred when the pure electric vehicle market just started. The price of joint venture pure electric vehicles is generally high, which poses a problem for young people who don't have too much capital to accumulate.

Today, the listing of Dongfeng M-NV, the price of about 150,000, plus the support of 36 periods of zero interest loan, basically solves the problem of insufficient funds, and the technical level of Honda's car manufacturing, the future car can be assured, M-NV In terms of design, battery life, and configuration, it also caters to the needs of current consumers. Of course, Dongfeng M-NV is a joint venture pure electric vehicle that young people can afford and is worth buying.