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In the future, technology will make Junfeng better


          (Report from Xia Wu Shanghai on this website): The 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show is about to close. Junfeng Motor Company participated in the design and exhibition of a variety of Dongfeng models. With the theme of "Technology Dongfeng and Junfeng, Better Life", it brought a new generation of concept cars eπ2021, C15TDR+HD120 hybrid assembly, fuel cell stack, and wisdom. More than ten self-developed products including cockpit, Fengshen Yixuan MAX, Fengshen Yixuan Racing, etc. appeared on the Dongfeng booth, fully demonstrating the technical strength of independent research and development, and focused on interpreting Dongfeng and Junfeng's beautiful vision of future smart travel life.

      The display and application of core technology, in the future, technology will make Junfeng better and better car life.

      Automobile is a powerful carrier for the application of advanced technology. As early as the establishment of Junfeng Company, the future strategy was determined: market-oriented, customer-centric, and continued to deepen the "five modernizations" technology. New technologies and new products are becoming the driving force of Dongfeng's brand.

      In the future, Dongfeng and Junfeng will take control of core technologies as their mission, be the source of original technology in the industry, and show the charm and style of Dongfeng technology through innovation.

      Experience the east wind of technology, feel the smart life

      Innovation is the driving force for enterprises to be strong and the country to prosper.

      The Dongfeng booth with the theme of "Smart Enjoying City" gathered the latest research and development results of Dongfeng, which also contains Junfeng's technical capabilities, and a sense of future science and technology. Break through the infinite boundaries of self-innovation, challenge the infinite possibilities of Dongfeng in the future, and pursue the "new species" of the intelligent space of driving fun. Dongfeng eπ2021 takes the brand value concept of "Quality, Wisdom, and Joy" as its connotation. It was born as a result of Dongfeng's comprehensive technological leap. It is a purely electric SUV product and a comprehensive product of forward-looking technology.

      The beautiful appearance of walking against the wind, wise and confident, hiding movement in calm, and ready to go, makes Dongfeng eπ2021 full of natural beauty. It deeply integrates the cutting elements shaped by nature, the aesthetic conception of wind carving, the harmonious symbiosis of water and land, and the core design philosophy of self, deeply integrated into the "dynamic sculpture beauty", injects the energy of human wisdom into the beauty of nature, and integrates technology and aesthetics. As one, a new concept of eπ combination is opened.

       Dongfeng eπ2021 has an SOA architecture, which can continuously optimize users' comprehensive driving experience, ensure intelligence and safety, and achieve super compatibility, controllability, and scalability. It can accumulate behavioral habit data and continuously unlock new functions; it can provide smart entertainment and driving fun, forming a definition of future travel; it can realize health and environmental protection monitoring, and keep warm and loving care at all times. It also has L4 level autonomous driving technology to realize the interconnection of people, vehicles, roads and clouds; it has leading three-electric power and high-voltage fast charging technology to provide answers to overcome mileage anxiety. Dongfeng Fengshen eπ2021, which integrates forward-looking technology, will lead the development trend of Dongfeng's electrification.

       Innovation leads the era, wisdom illuminates life. With the rapid development of modern technology and constant changes in consumer demand, automobiles are transforming from traditional means of transportation to intelligent mobile spaces. The Dongfeng Technology Center has a deep insight into consumer needs and used innovation to define the new form of future car cabins. It launched the self-developed Dongfeng "I-Cabin" smart cockpit concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show.

       Dongfeng "I-Cabin" smart cockpit concept car, based on driverless travel scenarios, provides the ultimate human-like human-computer interaction experience and rich and intelligent networked ecological services in the car, which is built for users who pursue product and intelligent life. A new generation of new energy driverless cars with high appearance, high technology, high performance and high safety. The car is equipped with a newly developed visual interaction system outside the car, a vision expansion system inside the car, a variety of human-computer interaction systems such as voice, gesture, and face, and a vehicle-mounted immersive online game platform. At the same time, it is matched with a drone take-off and landing platform. The continuous evolution of smart cars provides more new directions. Sitting in the car can experience the wonderful feeling of intelligent human-car interaction. In the unmanned state, enjoying the passion and invigoration of a wild racing in the car is a bold vision of technology.

      Create the future. Junfeng dances with Dongfeng, and will continue to control core technology, grasp the key to the future world through innovation, and constantly create new results in the process of creating a better life.

       Create green power and drive low-carbon travel

       One of the infinite charms of technology lies in driving a low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel life.

      Non-polluting and zero-emission hydrogen energy is called "the most promising secondary energy source in the 21st century" and is a recognized clean energy source. As a "vanguard" in the domestic automobile industry, Dongfeng has started to develop fuel cell vehicles early, and has made breakthroughs in the fields of complete vehicles, fuel cell systems, stacks, and core key components.

       Among the products exhibited this time, the Dongfeng fuel cell stack system with integrated structure design has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high hydrogen utilization rate. The hydrogen utilization rate reaches 95%, and the overall efficiency is 5% higher than that of the industry. 10%. Dongfeng hydrogen boat equipped with Dongfeng fuel cell stack system, currently, there will be 100 Dongfeng hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles in demonstration operation, and the demonstration scale will be expanded year by year from 2022 to promote the large-scale and high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry.

       We have always attached great importance to the development and technology accumulation of fuel cell vehicles, and regard fuel cell vehicles as one of the future strategic directions. We have established domestic leading laboratories, covering basic materials, core components, and system development needs, and built the first comprehensive The automatic unmanned stacking stack and system process verification line have mastered the batch production process of stacks. At the same time, it has launched technical cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign fuel cell components and vehicle companies to continuously improve the development capabilities and technical reserves of Dongfeng fuel cell vehicles.

       Innovation doesn't stop there. At this Shanghai Auto Show, Dongfeng's new hybrid assembly, the golden powertrain composed of Dongfeng C15TDR high-efficiency version and Dongfeng HD120, was also introduced.

        Dongfeng C15TDR engine is a new generation of high-performance turbocharged direct injection engine of Dongfeng Company. It has achieved breakthroughs in key core technologies of the engine, leading the industry in comprehensive performance, and obtained the “Energy Efficiency Star” certification from China Automotive Research Institute and was named the “China Heart” in 2020. "Top ten engines, and won the annual special award of the jury in the 2020 "China Automobile Festival", demonstrating the strong strength of Dongfeng's independent research and development.

        Dongfeng HD120 is the latest dual-motor multi-mode electric drive assembly developed by Dongfeng Company. It can be equipped with PHEV and HEV models and supports the realization of pure electric drive, series, parallel, engine direct drive, braking energy recovery, and parking. Various modes such as power generation. The golden powertrain composed of Dongfeng C15TDR high-efficiency version and Dongfeng HD120 allows the vehicle to achieve the most efficient transmission under various driving conditions. The vehicle can accelerate from 100 kilometers to 7 seconds, and a tank of oil can travel 1000km. The assembly achieves a 30% fuel saving rate, which greatly reduces the user's cost of use, and truly achieves a small displacement, low fuel consumption and high power.

         In order to vigorously develop new energy vehicles, Dongfeng has begun research and development of hybrid power systems early. In the future, Dongfeng will continue to iteratively upgrade the Dongfeng C15TDR engine, research and develop cutting-edge technologies such as pre-combustion chamber and ignition compression ignition, and gradually achieve a thermal efficiency of 42% to 45%. The electric drive assembly will also be upgraded towards multi-speed and high efficiency, and strive to create a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly hybrid power assembly to help the automotive industry achieve its carbon peak goal.

       Develop original technology to empower a better life

The key core technology is the country's important weapon and the lifeblood of the enterprise.

       Since Junfeng’s disposal, Junfeng has followed Dongfeng’s strategy and adhered to the 20-character development policy of “market-oriented, synergy and win-win, innovation-driven, vitality, and resource-efficient”, using core technology to control and assist the building of a powerful automobile country, and promote it with market orientation. Transform scientific and technological achievements to benefit society and promote development with automobile technology.

      Adhering to the research and development mission of "must take the key core technologies in our own hands", we will continuously update and improve our own development plans with a global perspective, centering on the overall strategic requirements of the country and Dongfeng. At present, Junfeng's series of products have gone abroad and into the world. In 2021, products have been delivered to overseas multi-users.

       In the top-level strategy, Junfeng and Dongfeng upgraded the "green energy + intelligence" strategy to a more comprehensive "five modernization + N" strategy; accurately judged the direction of technological breakthroughs, focused on the areas of intelligence, connectivity and electrification, and strengthened the key Master the core technology, implement the layout of invention patents in multiple fields, actively break through the "stuck neck" technology, and seize the technological commanding heights that are related to the long-term and overall situation.

       Focusing on technological breakthroughs in three areas, in the areas of intelligence and connectivity, Dongfeng L2 intelligent assisted driving technology has been mass-produced, and L4 autonomous driving technology is also implemented on the Sharing-VAN model of Dongfeng Yuexiang Technology Co., Ltd. Mass production is currently in operation in many places across the country, including Beijing, Hangzhou, and Dali. Dongfeng driverless taxi Robotaxi, which is also at the level of L4 autonomous driving, has 42 vehicles in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone for trial operation. More than 200 Robotaxi will be put into operation in the next 2 to 3 years. This will be the nation's largest, most vehicles, and most technologically advanced autonomous driving R&D demonstration operation team, allowing the public to intuitively experience smart travel, smart transportation and smart cities.

          The Dongfeng Windlink intelligent vehicle system has continued to be iterated to version 5.0, which further enhances the user’s experience of connecting to the vehicle. The number of users of the WindLink artificial intelligence vehicle system has exceeded 100,000. After continuous investment in independent research and development in recent years, a large number of controllers such as Dongfeng's independent engine ECU, motor controller, and body controller have all achieved autonomy. EEA 3.0 with independent intellectual property rights is also about to be put into mass production applications, and the Dongfeng SOA architecture, an open platform for smart cars, will also be put into use in the next two years.

       In the field of electrification, it has successfully developed a 5-in-1 electric drive assembly, completed the independent development and application of battery systems, and continuously promoted the autonomous process of Dongfeng New Energy's key assembly technology, laying a solid foundation for building Dongfeng's characteristic new energy technology longboard .

       Strengthening the company with science and technology is the tireless pursuit of generations of Dongfeng and Junfeng builders, and the cornerstone for Junfeng and Dongfeng to bravely rise to the fore in the fierce competition. Dongfeng will continue to adhere to the "Five Modernizations + N" technology strategy, accelerate the building of core competitiveness, continue to gather resources in intelligence, connectivity, electrification, etc., adhere to innovation-driven, control core technologies, and be the source of original technologies. Use technology to create a better travel life.

        We believe that in the future, technology will make Junfeng better!